YLRC w Białymstoku serdecznie zaprasza wszystkich zainteresowanych nauczycieli do udziału w spotkaniu online ze Stephanie Moore z Univeristy of New Mexico na temat nauczania zdalnego na poziomie uniwersyteckim pt. „Strategies for Effective Online Learning: Interaction, Feedback and Assessment”.

Webinar odbędzie się 22 września 2020 r. o godz. 18:00.





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Stephanie Moore, Assistant Professor Organization, Information and Learning Sciences, College of University Libraries and Learning Sciences, University of New Mexico


Strategies for Effective Online Learning: Interaction, Feedback and Assessment

In this session, a follow-on from Dr. Moore’s previous session, we will dive into specific research-grounded strategies you can use in your online classes to create an effective learning experience that is engaging for your learners. We will cover three types of interaction you can use as key concepts to anchor your course design and planning with specific examples of each. We’ll also talk about feedback as a critical form of interaction in online learning and the role it plays in increasing presence, decreasing distance, and supporting the learning process. We will also briefly cover assessment ideas for online beyond tests and quizzes to generate creative solutions for your online classes. The session will end with an open Q&A time where Dr. Moore can help address whatever lingering questions you have as you prepare for class and cover common additional questions she receives.  She also will provide her notes for this session along with a “job aid” you can use to map out your plan for interaction and assessment and develop a communication and implementation plan to help you get off on the right start in the days leading up to your class and after class starts.


Tuesday September 22 at 18:00-19:30


Zoom meeting in English. Registration required


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